Mobile apps can increase your sales, increase customer loyalty and be a complete marketing solution for your business.

We are a creative and ‘smart’ focused savvy digital studio fully equipped to design and develop mobile apps for all platforms. Our passionate and dedicated team of researchers, designers, iOS , Android and PWA developers work closely together to develop and build state of the art digital products for mobile, tablet, wearables and much more.

Lexsys Solutions can now also offer Progressive Web Applications (PWA), essentially mobile applications that reside in the cloud and are seen as the future of mobile applications and that offer significant advantages over normal iOS and Android Apps.

We have a precise understanding of marketing and communications and will help you, every step of the way, with our cutting edge mobile apps to communicate your message powerfully with not only your customers but staff members too.

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It is essential to minimise the time taken to get the mobile app through the development cycle and out to market. Our unique, cutting edge software develops mobile applications many times quicker than our rivals and this not only accelerates time to market but is also highly cost effective, drastically reducing costs for our customers. We’re a mobile app development studio that turns your customers into loyal ones. Every tap, swipe and pinch is meticulously designed to ensure that your mobile app achieves its goal in the most straightforward, effective, simple and engaging way possible, leaving customers with an unforgettable experience and with brand awareness greatly enhanced.


Do you want to reposition your brand so that you are unique and stand out against your competitors?Businesses similar to yours can ill afford to ignore a UK smart phone market, creeping up to saturation levels. Our developers build amazing mobile apps for all major mobile platforms. Having a dedicated mobile app helps you communicate with your users and increases customer engagement. Our mission is to furnish you with our personalised attention and cater for all your design needs, giving life to your vision, in such a way that it disrupts the industry sector.


An app is not just a mobile application, an app can also be a complete mobile marketing solution. By taking advantages of all the features a small business can achieve significant increases in revenue and customer engagement.

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