5 Reasons Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Need Mobile Apps

October 2017

A Gallup poll recently found that over 75% of Americans will check out their mobile at least once in an hour. The same poll found that 90% of the respondents spent a bigger share of mobile use on apps. With mobile internet traffic overtaking desktop traffic in 2016, any smart business has no option but to follow this irreversible shift. There is also the issue of demographics. Most Americans below 25 years will be found on their mobiles. As such, there are very good reasons why small and medium-sized businesses need to leverage the potential of mobile apps.

Market presence

The good thing about technology is that even a small business can deploy tactics to level the playing ground in competition with bigger brands. With a mobile app, all a small business would be concerned about is getting customers to download it. High downloads can be achieved with clever social media and other digital marketing techniques. Once an app is a customer’s phone, the company is in equal stature with other brands if it uses content that relevant, useful and targeted.

Higher customer engagement

A mobile app enables a business to maintain a 24/7 engagement with the customers. Content can be delivered at any time of the day, and customers can look for information on the app at any time and place with network coverage. For a small business, this yields very good dividends in enhancing brand visibility and familiarity.

Better customer service

A small business can use an app as a cost-effective and efficient customer service platform. By linking an app to other CRM tools, a business is able to address customer queries and complaints more quickly and at the same time collect very useful data to use in more targeted marketing campaigns.

Easier checkout

Even with a higher share of traffic, mobile shopping still lags behind shopping on desktop. The simple reason is that many shoppers, especially those in the older age bracket find it cumbersome to shop on mobile. Unlike, desktop browsing where a shopping is easier using tabbed browsing. Without tabbed browsing, the experience is entirely different on the mobile.

A mobile app can increase sales by providing a smoother shopping experience with checkout in the app. A shopper will find it easier and safer to check out within the app than be linked to another site to complete a purchase.

Better marketing campaigns

A mobile app is very useful in collecting data on customer behavior. It can show the most viewed products, the time viewed and the demographic segments viewing different products.  This gives a small business the leverage to carry out better-targeted campaigns with low budgets.

The good thing is that an app blends well with other marketing techniques like SMS and social media marketing for more impact.

The days when building an app required high technical skills are long gone. Small and medium business can make very good apps on a number of online platforms, and test them for very low costs.

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