Is Your Restaurant Realising the Benefits of Going Mobile?

October 2017

Is Your Restaurant Realising the Benefits of Going Mobile?

The Business Insider magazine predicts that the remote ordering business will be worth $38 billion by 2020. Any serious restaurant would want to position itself to have a piece of the pie. Over 71% of Brits have a smartphone and 65% of this number will look at their phone once in an hour. A restaurant can leverage the ubiquitous presence of the mobile for marketing and customer service with very good returns on investment. What benefits would be realised from going mobile?

Easier customer experience

75% of millenials say that they are willing to use a smartphone app for full service while another 68% would be willing to use an app for limited service. 63% in this group say that they are willing to pay electronically using mobile. This is a crucial pointer as mobile payments in restaurants are expected to grow to $62.5 billion by the end of 2017.

Stay ahead of the competition

The shift to mobile is irreversible. Already, 83% of adults are using the mobile to look up restaurants, menus and hours, and 51% will order takeout or delivery using a smartphone. There is a clear gap in this as only 37% of restaurants offer online ordering. Restaurants with mobile payments are likely to see more business as 98% of those who paid first time using mobile say they are likely to do it again while 55% of adults say they want to see mobile payments.

Better customer experience

With a more tech-savvy customer segment frequenting restaurants, they expect that restaurants will be tech ready. 78% of restaurant diners say that technology in a restaurant improves their experience. This would be in form of connectivity, or tech use in customer service. 34% of them say that a tech savvy restaurant encourages them to order take out and deliveries.

Better customer insights

Customers are increasingly connected whether at home or work. They expect that this connectivity will be available when they go out to eat. By offering connectivity and mobile experience, a restaurant can gain very useful data for better targeted marketing purposes. 30% of diners say that the availability of Wifi is a priority in restaurant preference while another 36% say that online reservations is their number one need in a restaurant. With 29% of customers spending time on Facebook, a restaurant with an app that connects to social media stands to improve its brand visibility.

Timely push notifications

Dining is a time based affair. 85% of diners say that they will get on the mobile to search for a restaurant when they are hungry. Push notifications on their mobiles can influence their decisions on a restaurant choice.

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