What Can Push Notifications do for Your Small Business?

October 2017

What Can Push Notifications do for Your Small Business?

How often do you take a peek at your mobile? Statistics show that it happens at least once in an hour. What about when you see that red envelope on the top bar? You definitely check it out. This is what a push notification is. These are instant alerts sent out by different services which are sent out by services linked to apps on the mobile. Unlike the now outdated premium SMS, push notifications do not cost the mobile owner anything as they are sent over the data plan.

Shift to mobile

Mobile became the leading source of internet traffic in the year 2016. This shift in traffic is irreversible. More and more people are acquiring smartphones the majority being those owning a mobile for the first time. Any small business looking for cost –effective customer acquisition and brand visibility can deploy mobile marketing tactics including push notifications.

Content provision

A survey done by polling agency Responsys found out that 51% of mobile users purchased from a different brand other than their favorite for finding useful information from the new brand. 73% said that they chose brands on the basis of regular and useful information they got from the brand including products/services, features, discounts etc.

Product awareness

Unlike before when businesses had to rely on expensive marketing campaigns for product awareness, the time and cost of this task has changed. Push notifications enable a small business to repeatedly send out reminders on new products. These notifications can include links to product pages where customers can learn more about the product.

Targeted marketing

With a mobile app, a small business is able to collect information on its customers’ demographics, location and other useful information on mobile use habits. This information enables better targeting which can then be done using push notifications. 50% of mobile users say they respond to discounts and offer that land on their mobile.

Location-based notifications

Geo-fencing is whereby customers in a certain locality receive different information. This is very possible using GPS enabled mobile apps and push notifications. For example, a business with a special offer on a certain product can send out alerts on this offer to all customers who are passing within 100 meters of the shop. This can push traffic to these offers for more sales.

Website/app user experience

Mobile users will rarely explore websites or apps in depth, opting to use one or two useful features like ‘search’ or ‘trending.’ A small business can improve mobile app engagement using push alerts which highlight different features of its website or app.

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