Why You Need SEO For Your Site

If your website isn’t showing up on page one of Google, then it might as well not even exist at all.

That is a startling and sobering (and fairly bold) statement, but study after study has shown it to be true. The majority of online shoppers never click to page two before deciding on a product to buy or a company to work with. It’s not fair, but it is very much a reality in this day and age.

This is why utilizing a SEO – Search Engine Optimization – service provider is so, SO, important to your website’s online health. You need traffic in order to have conversions and you need positive conversions in order to have loyal repeat customers.










Our Best Services

Page Speed Optimization

One of the MOST IMPORTANT services we offer through our SEO service package is Page Speed Optimization.

“Eh, that’s not a problem,” you say. “My website might be a bit slow, but it still loads…eventually.”

Well, let me ask you this: how long are you willing to wait around for a website that takes FOREVER to load?

In general, we tend to give it a few seconds (8 on average) before we’re checking our internet connection, pressing the refresh button, or giving up and moving on to something else. Guess what, your online visitors feel the exact same way. And, worse, they’re quickly going to give up on you and turn to one of your competitors whose website loads much more quickly and seamlessly.

While your website speed optimization isn’t the biggest online marketing hurdle your company can face, it is one that can make or break your website. That’s why we consider it step one of your initial website analysis. Some of the most common issues we find are:

  • Large Image & Video Files that aren’t optimized
  • Improper & Clunky Coding
  • Poorly Designed Website Template
  • An Overworked Hosting Platform with an Uncommonly High Lag Time

Once your website is optimized for speed and ease of loading, the rest of the process will flow so much more smoothly and seamlessly. Not only will your customers have better user experience, but you’ll have an easier time making edits to your website, as well as adjusting your online marketing strategies.

We’d love to spend some time talking with you about your website and its SEO needs. We can answer any questions you might have, address some of the common issues our clients face, and get you set up with a free website analysis that will tell you exactly where your online traffic and conversion woes are coming from.


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